EntySec is a group of security professionals and software engineers involved in the development of security tools and services.

  • If we do something, we do it efficiently and to the end. Our consultation, help and products are valued for high quality and honesty.
  • We always overcome difficulties and cope with the most difficult tasks. We are looking for a way out of difficult situations and we always find it.
  • Our software can be used for a variety of purposes, from conducting security tests to training beginner information security specialists.
  • We are honest and always ready to help, we provide high-quality support for all our clients.

Our services

  • Protecting IoT

We are glad to provide our security support for your cameras, routers and other types of network devices that can be included in your IoT.

  • Open-Source Software

We are developing a lot of amazing tools for testing network systems for vulnerabilities to find the best way to protect them from attacks.

  • Security Consultation

Our security consultants are glad to answer on you question, just contact them on contact page and in a few days you’ll get answer.